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 Live2Excel Leadership Life Series is a scalable and efficient Life Coaching Series designed exclusively to inspire and motivate youth who have been exploited,  trafficked, and ready to pursue a healthy, positive, and purposeful life. Within 18 months, students will engage in subject matters through cooperative learning and individualized activation.

Live2Excel Leadership Life Series offers educational, social, and emotional learning incorporating college, career, financial intelligence, and entrepreneurial readiness, along with leadership skills that is innovative and empowering for students’ life planning.

Cooperative learning is the instructional use of small groups of youth that work together to maximize their own and each other’s learning involving their action goals.


The learning and taking action of goals is a desired future state of demonstrating competence or mastery in the life subject areas being studied, coached, and mentored. Each subject matter title has six sub-topic intensives, each sub-topic intensive is four-six weeks.


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Subject Matter Title Examples That Interest Youth

 ▪ Who Do You Say I Am?

▪ Why Am I here?

▪ Life Self-Care

▪ Re-Start / Re-Build

▪ Be Your Own Action Hero

▪ The Crazy Good Life

▪ Taking Care Of Business

▪ More Than A Conqueror

▪ Purpose Determined

▪ The Power Launch

 Sherry J.W.

"Thank you, Dolly! I have clarity and strengthened ability to bring about the projects I have.  Thank you for not telling me what to do- but presenting me with understanding of what can be done, and I have choices! Such wisdom! …the passion you have to open my eyes to see and my ears to hear…and to get the most out of my life that I possibly can!"

Debbie A.

“This was the first time I had ever been coached and I have to say it was a life-changing experience for me.  As I took steps to incorporate the coaching advice, I received during my coaching with Dolly I have seen both my life personally and financially excel. 

Benjamin T.J.

Dolly has a keen eye and understanding for everything that matters in life and brings to light areas of growth in the most loving and beneficial way possible in my marriage and personal life.


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