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Radiant Promises is a youth after care project to recover from youth homelessness and hopelessness ages 18-21. Some who have aged out of the Foster Care System and those that have been rescued from the sex-trafficked and exploitation. Radiant Promises youth after care outreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity

EIN# 84-3578464.


The Radiant Promises project is founded by its CEO, Dolly Chacon, a Business Administrator, a retired Pastor, a Certified Master Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Mental Health Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Talk Show Host and a Spiritual Mom to teens and young adults. The Radiant Promises project was launched by Dolly’s overwhelming gut-wrenching concern of a dream she had about a black cloud hovering over one side of a street miles long.  Dolly said, "I saw thousands of children with fear and pain on their faces running for their lives out of this dark cloud into the light across the street. The light engulfed thousands of family-oriented people with smiles and open arms of love waiting to embrace these children. I immediately realized no matter how many teens and young adults I life coached, more importantly, they needed nurturing and housing stability to help circumvent the fear of abuse and homelessness."  Dolly states, "our youth cannot be left to the dark, loveless and lifeless streets. It's a crime here in America to do so."


The Radiant Promises project has five components: transitional residences, educational, work readiness and moral values and youth wellness services. We provide an honorable family environment to homeless youth ages 18-24. Some have aged-out of the Foster Care program and have been sexually abused or rescued from sex-trafficking, situations with no safe home to return to.


Every night thousands of teens have no bed to curl up in, in a safe and caring home. Many are forced to the streets and are forced into prostitution, gangs, alcoholism, drugs, and crimes. Many are sex-trafficked in order to find a place to lay their heads while in constant fear of continued abuse. These young people need a safe caring environment to transition and learn constructive healthy and productive ways to live their adult lifestyle. We are those who sincerely care about their welfare and offer the tools to help them transition through to a new day, a new life, full of hope. Too many of our young people are poor, vulnerable, hopeless and hurting with no moral or spiritual support. Many become suicidal and we are committed to providing spiritually centered, holistic care which sustains and improves mental, emotional and spiritual well-being after they found themselves once again abandoned by the Foster Care system, the government with no supportive family.


The Radiant Promises project is a mix of successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, spiritual counselors and concerned community members who have united for a common vision for social change for those who are at risk of homelessness. The union of the Radiant Promises’ Team, the Business Model, the Partners, and Organizations will result in a full-service protocol that is intended to help improve the future of emancipated foster care and/or sex-trafficked young people. We proclaim,  they are "Victims No More, but a Shining Light in the World!"

We believe every child is a gift from God and we embrace  how special they are, helping them define their future, to grow and create beautiful changes in the world.

Our Mission

Radiant Promises is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  youth after care outreach organization designed to help youth recover from the effects of abuse, trafficking and exploitation, thoughts of  suicide, homelessness and  hopelessness. The 6,12,18-month program provides housing, a caring team and an empowering academia for young people ages 18-21. Radiant Promises is a caring home retreat. 

Our Mission

Our Founder & Visionary

Hi, I'm Dolly Chacon, Founder and CEO of Radiant Promises and a Life, Marriage and Mental Health Coach. We envision a multicultural world where child abuse and abandonment are abolished. You can help our youth today to believe and understand how precious, cherished, loved and honored by stepping up to the challenge with us as a volunteer, monthly partner, sponsor and/or an investor. Our focus is on helping to restore wholeness to our youth. Our children need you to help them be a shining light in the world.

It's love that will make America beautiful,

healthy and strong!

Thank you for your generous donations! 

We Need Your Support Today!

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